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How do you validate your ideas and know whether or not you should actually move forward with them—without losing thousands of dollars in the process?

Person overlooking a crossroads on a mountain top
Standing at the idea crossroads. Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash

1. You know what you’re trying to prove.

When you can boil down your entire idea into one core hypothesis, you’re ready to start testing.

Do you know what problem you’re solving? Summarize it in one sentence. If you’re not solving a specific problem, then you’re just building something you want to build, not something that people want…

Should you purchase a Professional or Organization plan? This is a comprehensive breakdown of the reasons why you might want one or the other.

Once you’ve extended the life of your Figma Starter plan and can see your enterprise scaling beyond one team project (and needing a more robust collaboration for more than three team files), you may be starting to think about upgrading to a more powerful plan.

On the Figma website, we…

Asking manual and automation QAs to merge skillsets can be a recipe for context switching. Separating them will result in significantly faster development cycles and productivity.

Illustration by Kate Mangostar

With the evolution of testing, there is an increasing discrepancy in job duties and obligations between manual and automation QA. As a manual QA, you are planning test suites, pairing with the development team to reproduce and log software defects, and crafting test cases to hit the expected (and unexpected)…

Addie Johnson

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