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Addie Johnson
writing about the intersection of design, business, and technology //

A job shouldn't be your source of happiness or fulfillment, but it shouldn't make you upset or frustrated either.

We spend so much of our time (and lives!) working, which goes to show how easy it is for our jobs to become tangled and tied into our identities, which can…

How do you validate your ideas and know whether or not you should actually move forward with them—without losing thousands of dollars in the process?

Person overlooking a crossroads on a mountain top
Standing at the idea crossroads. Photo by Justin Luebke on Unsplash

1. You know what you’re trying to prove.

When you can boil down your entire idea into one core hypothesis, you’re ready to start testing.

Do you know what problem you’re solving? Summarize it in one sentence. If you’re not solving a specific problem, then you’re just building something you want to build, not something that people want…

How to Get More Things Done by Using Todoist and Notion Together

I made a pretty unprecedented and sudden decision to completely overhaul my entire productivity system this week. …

Should you purchase a Professional or Organization plan? This is a comprehensive breakdown of the reasons why you might want one or the other.

Once you’ve extended the life of your Figma Starter plan and can see your enterprise scaling beyond one team project (and needing a more robust collaboration for more than three team files), you may be starting to think about upgrading to a more powerful plan.

On the Figma website, we…

This is a long-standing debate, and plenty of other articles have written about this topic and the technical complexities of each program. …

Asking manual and automation QAs to merge skillsets can be a recipe for context switching. Separating them will result in significantly faster development cycles and productivity.

Illustration by Kate Mangostar

With the evolution of testing, there is an increasing discrepancy in job duties and obligations between manual and automation QA. As a manual QA, you are planning test suites, pairing with the development team to reproduce and log software defects, and crafting test cases to hit the expected (and unexpected)…

How to visualize the steps within your workflow to achieve a more productive planning process

How I block my calendar

As a freelancer or small business owner with many moving pieces in running a business — from accounting to client management, to the actual fulfillment jobs — it can be easy to let a hectic…

How the documenting process has developed foundations of product design practice.

Illustrated people standing and thinking of ideas
Illustration by Kate Mango

When I was studying graphic design in college, there was always one thing required from every student at the end of the year — the process book. It was easy to tell which process books were scrapped together moments before the deadline. (Trust me, I tried once. …

Who needs New Year’s Resolutions when you can create an actual New Year roadmap for your business?

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

Running your own business is a lot of work, and it can be hard to step back and actually roadmap when you’re knee-deep in emails, projects, and tasks. However, the end of the year is a great time to take a moment to meditate on your business and or work…

Well, we really just took part in two activities that neither one of us had experienced before (I taught Neo how to climb and he made me a traditional Chinese dinner) and we reflected upon them.

“Right hand up more — match your feet there. Now reach, reach, reach!” …

Addie Johnson

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