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  • Bridger Tower

    Bridger Tower

    I am Bridger Tower. I am a web architect. I design, develop, and construct digital dwellings for brands big and small. Lone designer @

  • Sarah Kilmon

    Sarah Kilmon

    Product Person — currently working at Hatch in Richmond, Virginia. Check that out at

  • Lisa Ross

    Lisa Ross

    Product nerd, ADHDer, on the gayest end of the Kinsey scale. Still recovering from table based layouts. Probably trying to finish something.

  • Susan Stavitzski

    Susan Stavitzski

    I like to build products that make people's lives better. I'm excited to share some stories that help you do that too.

  • Eddie Lou

    Eddie Lou

    Senior Design Engineering Director at Indeed. I code web. I design web. Most importantly, I understand web.

  • Archy de Berker

    Archy de Berker

    Product manager & data scientist. Writing about AI, building things, and climate change.

  • Marine Dondy

    Marine Dondy

    Biologistuderende, socialist, veganer, environmentalist.

  • Alexander Rådahl

    Alexander Rådahl

    Senior UX designer specialized in CRO ✅ My website: |

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